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Anti-fungal nail care set, contains 5 products.
Balancing Feet Soap 100ml

The soap is designed for deep cleansing and light exfoliation of the skin of the feet. It lowers the pH level and prepares the skin for maximum absorption of preparations for further care.
It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Step 1 in all KART pedicure treatments. It is a pre-peeling agent.

Active Nail Cream 20ml

Active Balm Cream is designed for antifungal prevention and restoration of the nail plate. It accelerates cell regeneration, has antiseptic and antibacterial effects. It is used for the treatment of fungal infections, after injuries, for the removal of artificial nails and gel polish, as well as for strengthening weak and brittle nails. Complex of fruit acids, helps to exfoliate damaged cells and stimulates faster growth of new and healthy cells, moisturises and restores the necessary pH.

Fingernail Liquid 30ml

Disinfectant, prophylactic preparation for hands, feet and problematic nails.
Reduces keratosis, has antifungal and antimicrobial action, restores the colour of the nail plate. It is recommended to work with ingrown nails and nail plate lesions of different aetiology. It serves as a conductor for other preparations and enhances their effect. For professional and private use.

Nail Cure 15ml

Effective product for the care of problem nails. It has antifungal effect, restores and strengthens the nail plate. Unique combination of plant extracts and essential oils, prevents the development of fungi on the nail bed, restores the disturbed structure of the nail plate, as well as forms a protective layer for it.

Professional Band Aid – 2 metres

Bactericidal plasters from KART

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